Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Trader Joe's Cowboy Caviar Corn, Black Bean & Pepper Salsa

I probably shouldn't have purchased this, because I knew that the chances of me liking it were slim to none. Salsa made primarily of corn and beans? Ridiculous.

I was so sure I would hate it that even after bringing it home, it sat on my pantry shelf for months before I decided that it was finally time to force myself to try it. It sat so long that I somehow misplaced the photo I had taken of it, and had to filch the one you see above from Trader Joe's web site. (In case you're interested, here's the company's own description of the product.)

And then, like Mikey in the old Life cereal commercial, I surprised everybody--myself not least--by actually liking it. "He likes it! Hey, Mikey!"

Nina and I ate maybe a third of the jar with tortilla chips as an appetizer before dinner a few days ago. Then last night I polished off the rest of the jar on my own, in one sitting, and I was liking it more and more with every bite--this in spite of the fact that it's hotter than my ideal salsa. It's sweeter than most salsas, which probably plays no small part in my fondness for it. I dig its complex mix of textures and flavors.

Will I buy it again? 

It's already on my shopping list for the next TJ's run. I think it's effectively tied for second place in my list of favorite TJ's salsas with the Fall Harvest (though those two products could not be more different), with the Fire-Roasted Tomato still champion.

Addendum, June 29, 2017: 

I bought another jar. I sat down to eat some with tortilla chips, and couldn't stop. I went through the entire 13-ounce jar in one sitting, all by my lonesome. I really love this stuff. I think I like it even better than my previous favorite. So, it's time to add this to my Top Ten list.


  1. I know I sound like a broken record, but try it mixed with the roasted tomato salsa. It is tremendous.

  2. I was also surprised by how much i enjoyed this salsa, the bit of spice works well for me since I'm also very sensitive to spicy stuff.
    It's great as a taco topper with some sliced avocado, also work great as a salad dressing for a mexican style salad with black beans, cilantro, pumpkin seeds, chopped bell pepper, this salsa on top and some avocado chunks.