Thursday, June 8, 2017

Trader Joe's Japanese Style Fried Rice With Edamame, Tofu And Hijiki Seaweed

Well, this is unlike anything I've eaten before. I've never knowingly had anything with seaweed in it, and my experiences with tofu can be counted on one hand. The third accent ingredient, edamame, was completely unknown to me until I started writing this blog, though I now eat it regularly in TJ's Soycutash, which is one of my favorite frozen veggies combos.

I'm not in love with the combination, but I didn't object to it nearly as much as I might have. Nina and I ate about half the bag as part of dinner, and I finished the rest with lunches over the next two days. There's a whole bunch of different flavors going on here, and since some of them are outside my little zone of familiarity--soy sauce, rice wine--I don't know how to unpack or analyze them.

Will I buy it again? 

Probably not, but Nina liked it, so I won't be surprised if I encounter it again at her house--and that will be OK.


  1. You haven't had seaweed before...?!?? Not even on a sushi roll...? (Just don't ever ever buy trader joe's sushi! It is horrible and terrible...!) The seaweed is a delicious specific flavor, and a big part of why i love this fried rice when i dislike most others. The tofu in here is negligible, without mention on the package i don't think it is identifiable. I like to have this as a quick meal - i just add in another handful of edamame or some sliced smoked tofu and serve over some wilted spinach or with leftover roasted veggies.

  2. I love this fried rice with a poached egg!