Friday, February 17, 2017

Jarlsberg Lite

I had this home and was opening the package before I noticed that it was not a Trader Joe's branded product. I chose it quickly, obviously without paying a lot of attention, and assumed that "Jarlsberg" was a term for a type of reduced-fat Swiss cheese, when actually it's a brand name. Oops. Oh well. I would have bought it anyway.

But it's among the most disappointing Swiss cheeses I've ever tried. It has enough flavor that I can tell it's Swiss, but just barely. I had to use two slices at a time on crackers to get a satisfying amount of cheese taste, which defeats the purpose of having it be low in fat.

It also had a pragmatic problem: the slices were all glommed together, very difficult to separate cleanly. This nullifies the advantage of buying pre-cut slices instead of a block of cheese. It would have been faster and easier to cut my own than to wrestle with the blob inside this package.

Will I buy it again? 



  1. That stinks that it was stuck together and you also had 2 use 2 pieces to get a decent taste.

  2. There's a nice wedge of cheese in the cheese case at TJs that is labeled as "baby swiss"- which i don't really understand vs regular swiss- but it has a spot on swiss cheese flavor without being overwhelming which makes it great for snacking as is and it also melts well

    1. If you mean this one, then we'll have to disagree about its flavor: