Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Spindrift Sparkling Water--Watermelon

I forgot to take a photo of this before it was gone, so I've borrowed the above photo from this review.

Spindrift appears to have changed the characterization of its line of products from "seltzer" to "sparkling water" for unspecified reasons. I don't think it means any substantive change to what's in the can.

By either name, I liked the grapefruit one enough to try others. But then the raspberry-lime version was not nearly as good.

And now this watermelon one is even worse. It tastes much more like cucumber than watermelon. Apparently I'm not alone. The review from which that picture is taken says, "The watermelon tastes more like the rind than it does the red mushy fruit part." Exactly so.

If you want to try it in spite of my experience, some advice. When I poured a can into two glasses to share with Nina, the first half was colorless, then second half quite red. The watermelon juice seems to settle to the bottom. So invert the can gently a few times before you pour or drink it. But it's carbonated, so don't shake it too hard.

Will I buy it again? 


Addendum: Here's an explainer on the differences between seltzer, sparkling water, and club soda:

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  1. I hate sparkling anything. Soda's can get away with it, but not water or any other kind of drink.