Sunday, September 6, 2015

Trader Joe's Pineapple Juice

As David Letterman likes to say, "Phone the neighbors, wake the kids." We've found the real stuff here, and everybody ought to know about it.

Hidden among the many, many mediocre and just plain bad "juice" concoctions at Trader Joe's are a few true gems, and this is one of them. It's remarkable for its simplicity and purity: it's just pineapple juice, not from concentrate. It has not been mucked with in any manner. No tweaking or adulterating or sweetening or "improving" with added flavorings.

The result? Absolutely delicious. Every drop conveys the richness that it should, and nearly the freshness that you'd get by running a pineapple through your own juicer--though that would be enough of a challenge and a mess that it's probably worth a trip down to your local Trader Joe's to avoid the bother. Is it worth the $3.99 asking price? I sure think so.

When a TJ's juice product has only one entry in the list of ingredients, it's usually a winner. This pineapple juice and the equally excellent Grapefruit Sunset are the epitome of that general truth. Like the grapefruit juice, it deserves recognition of its excellence by placement in my Top Ten list.

Will I buy it again? 

Yes indeed. In fact, I'm already on my third carton.

Nina's View

I don't drink orange juice regularly with my breakfast any more. But if I did, I'd be sorely tempted to substitute this absolutely fantastic pineapple juice instead. So refreshing! So delicious!

This is very good.

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  1. I agree completely! this is a real find!
    NOT From Concentrate - from Costa Rica!!