Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Trader Joe's Artisan Reserve Vermont Cheddar

This is a new product at Trader Joe's; see the company's description of it here.

Despite the overblown rhetoric about how special this is, I expected another in a long line of white cheddars that are functionally indistinguishable from each other. I was wrong. This is meaningfully different. It is easily the sharpest white cheddar I've ever tasted.

In fact, that's exactly why I won't be buying it again. I'll be happy to finish off this block, but its sharpness is just too much, edging into unpleasant bitterness.

It's also a little more brittle than I like, making it difficult to attain nice slices for topping crackers.

I'm also calling out the apostrophe-happy copywriter at TJ's who wrote "panini's" for the front label, and whatever editors allowed that to go uncorrected.

Will I buy it again? 


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