Monday, March 14, 2016

Trader Joe's It's A Wrap Turkey Club

Let me count the ways in which this was a fail.

1. The outer layer is allegedly a tomato-basil tortilla, which I thought sounded interesting, but it was so bland that I couldn't discern any tomato or basil in it.

2. The mayonnaise was excessive--well past the point at which it ceases to be a nice set of complementary flavors and begins to be primarily an unpleasant sliminess.

3. The spinach was kind of all crammed into a wad, instead of dispersed evenly.

4. One of the slices of turkey had a big line of gristle through it, too tough to be bitten through. I had to eat around it.

5. There's just way too much turkey here. I realize that some people will see that as a feature, not a bug. For me, though, I'm not entirely done with meat in toto, but I am done with anything that is primarily meat, meat, and more meat--like this is. One or two slices of turkey breast would be nice, wrapped with some cheese, lettuce, maybe sun-dried tomatoes, or...heck, I don't know what else, but surely there are lots of choices available to Trader Joe's food geniuses.

"What else could we put in this, Joe?"

"Hmmm. How about more turkey?"

"OK. Anything else?"

"More turkey."

"Uh, OK. Now what?"

"More turkey."

I just think they can be more creative than that, and end up with a better product.

Will I buy it again? 


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