Monday, May 8, 2017

Trader Joe's Beef Bolognese Ravioli

Once in a while, I forget to take a picture of something new I bring home from Trader Joe's. This was one such time. I had to fish the container out of the trash when I sat down to write this and realized I didn't have a photo.

The center of this ravioli is stuffed with a mixture of ground beef and what is effectively a pasta sauce--tomato paste and seasonings. Kind of oddly, it's as if the marinara is on the inside, instead of needing to add it to the outside.

Will I buy it again? 

No, even though I liked it a lot. This joins a line of TJ's products that I will buy once to try, but not again, because of wanting to minimize the amount of meat--especially beef and pork--in my diet.

But there's another reason here. Look closely at the list of ingredients as shown above (which I did not do until I had already finished eating). This is the second time that TJ's has slipped veal into one of its products and disclosed it only in the fine print, not prominently. My tolerance for beef and pork is low, but not zero. My tolerance for veal is zero. If you told me that this is an indefensibly arbitrary ethical line of demarcation on my part, I wouldn't argue with you. It probably is. But it's what I choose anyway. As a result, I would not have bought this if I had noticed that ingredient.

Oops: This was supposed to publish Tuesday, May 9, but I messed up the settings and it ran early. Oh well. Now that it's out in the world, I won't try to call it back.


  1. Really NOT ok that TJs has that sneaked into the ingredients list!
    There are sooo many really delicious vegetarian (and sometimes vegan) ravioli at TJs there's no need to buy the meat ones anyhow. The veg ravioli are all pretty high in protein- just add some nutritional yeast ontop or in with your sauce and you get additional flavor and a bit more protein

  2. Bolognese sauce has veal in it. No one is trying to "sneak" it in. Your own ignorance is the only issue here.