Saturday, February 20, 2016

Trader Joe's Hatch Chile Mac & Cheese

This is a brand-new product. See Trader Joe's own description of it here.

I was deeply suspicious of this stuff. Tinkering with the most classic of all comfort foods--macaroni and cheese--is dangerous business.

But hot damn, I loved it. Excellent mac & cheese, plus a little kick. In fact, the only fault I find with it is that they didn't put in enough of the chiles. They really do add a lovely, complementary touch, unlike any other mac & cheese I've ever had.

Predictions: (1) This will be a big hit for TJ's, once word gets out. (2) In a year or two, buoyed by its success, they'll bring out a version with even more Hatch chiles, calling it "Fiery Mac & Cheese," or "Triple Hatch Mac & Cheese," or "You Won't Believe the Hatch Chiles Mac & Cheese," or "Batten the Hatches Mac & Cheese," or some such thing.

Hmmm. I said I had only one gripe, and now I realize that's not true. There's a second: They're lying about the serving size being "2." I did split it 50/50 with Nina, but only because I love her beyond all measure. Anybody else, I would have hogged the whole thing, and that's what I intend to do with the next box, which I will be buying on my next TJ's run.

I'm flirting with Top Ten status here, but holding off until I have a second go at it, to be sure it's really worthy. But I think it is.

Will I buy it again? 

Um, were you not reading what I just wrote?

Nina's View

This needs MOAR CHILIS. I liked it, but as Bob said, this is only two servings if you are both European and extremely self-disciplined. I will never be purchasing this because: a) thighs and b) cow suffering. But it is tasty.


  1. Daughter Laura took your suggestion and shared your enthusiasm.

  2. TJ's was sampling this with a little Hatch Chile Salsa on top and it was delicious. The extra heat really added to the flavor.