Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Trader Joe's Tulip Bulbs

I believe this is a brand-new item from Trader Joe's. At least I don't remember seeing it in the store last year. 

I had no idea that you could grow tulips with no dirt, so I bought this mostly out of amazement and curiosity. 

Sure enough, ten days later I had this: 

Trader Joe's quality is not to blame for the mangled leaf tips. These tulips are suffering from FPS--feline predation syndrome. 

The flowers are relatively expensive, at $8.99, but they're lovely, and you have a nice vase left even when blooming season is done. 

Will I buy it again? 

They're very nice, but I think once was enough. 

Nina's View

The flowers are pretty! The vase is pretty! (Note to self: would make a great housewarming present.)


  1. Yeah!!! Glad you got some. I had never seen them either, but I learned from a woman in line that they do these every Spring at TJ's. I will be grabbign some again next year, too! http://traderjoes365.blogspot.com/2016/02/tulip-bulbs-in-glass-vase.html

  2. hi, can you please tell me how often you change water? Thank you.

  3. What did you do with the bulbs when they were done blooming? Can you plant them outside?

  4. I assume they can be replanted. I just tossed them, since I'm lazy and have no aptitude at making things grow.