Monday, February 22, 2016

Trader Joe's Ultra Moisturizing Hand Cream

This came out in December, in time for holiday gift-giving. I bought a tube right away, and have been using it intermittently since then.

It definitely works to prevent and even reverse the dry, chapped hands that result from a combination of winter air and frequent hand-washing. It's thick enough to stay on for most of the day, without being greasy enough to be problematic. Its extreme density, though, means that it takes longer to rub in well. But I think it's a worthwhile trade-off. You really can't make it completely absorb; I always end up using a tissue to wipe off the excess from my palms before I start doing any work with paper or the computer, so that I don't get the stuff on other things. Again, this is a probably inevitable trade-off with making it thick enough not to evaporate or rub off quickly, so that it need not be reapplied often.

Will I buy it again? 

I'm undecided, even though the tube is nearly used up. I do generally like it, and if another tube of it magically appeared on my desk, I'd certainly use it and be content. But even though its fragrance is mild and reasonably pleasant, I continue to have a preference for unscented products, so I think I'll try to find something comparable without fragrance added.

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  1. Now there's the Christmas present I've dreamed of! TJ's hand cream...