Monday, April 25, 2016

Trader Joe's Key Lime Pie

Good stuff. No cooking required, just defrost in the refrigerator. Good graham cracker crust. Filling is appropriately rich, limey, and tart. My only complaint is that it's unusually small for a pie.

Will I buy it again? 


Nina's View

Not bad, Trader Joe, although I find the graham cracker crust overly sweet and grainy—I wish this came with the fabulous crust on the raspberry tarte of Top Ten fame. 

This pie makes an excellent vehicle for my Port-Berry sauce, which sets off the tartness of the lime perfectly. So good.


  1. It's back? Hooray! (or is this a long-queued post from last year?) I was afraid the lemon meringue might have taken its place. I'd had to start making my own after this left the market for a few years in the past. Funnily enough what with the price of sweetened condensed milk the price is just about the same as DIY, almost as good, and more efficient.

  2. We bought and tried this several months ago--I'm thinking around December, maybe?

  3. Ah, thanks for reporting - I'll hold off on getting hopes up then. (But will set aside homemade lemon meringue snobbery and try that next visit.)

  4. I bought this today and it is really good. The filing is perfectly sweet and tart. The crust was good but not great. It is a small pie but in most restaurants you will pay $4.50 for a slice, so $5.49 for an entire pie is a no brainer.