Sunday, January 4, 2015

Trader Joe's Raspberry Tarte

Sometimes words fail to convey how good something is. If you're lucky, sometimes a picture will do the job instead--you know the old saw about a thousand words. For Trader Joe's Raspberry Tarte, I think the highest compliment I can pay it is this: It is every bit as good as that picture on the box makes it look.

I think the photo may slightly exaggerate the volume of berries, but not by a lot. I'm having to go by memory from several months ago rather than look at a current sample, because I don't have one.

In fact, this is the first instance on this blog where a product photo taken in the store instead of at home does not indicate an item I don't want to buy. I do want to buy this, again and again and again. However, given how rich it is, I fret that I can't eat a whole one by myself before it would go bad, even given a few days, and Nina has sworn off desserts other than plain fruit for the time being. So for now, I'll just have to let my mouth water as I sadly walk by the frozen-dessert case at TJ's.

As I do so, I shall remember fondly the three of these things that Nina and I have consumed in the past. I shall remember worrying that our ecstatic moans would alarm the neighbors that a porn producer had set up shop in the apartment, were those noises not muffled by mouthfuls of perfect, ripe berries.

Not only is this a shoo-in to the Top Ten list, I believe that, if pressed, I would name it to my Top One list. That's right--I think it's the single most wonderful thing from TJ's I've ever had.

Will I buy it again? 


Nina’s View

It makes me very, very sad that my current dessert moratorium is depriving my beloved of this OMG FABULOUS NOM NOM NOM product.

I have suggested to him that he could cut slices out of the frozen item and thaw them individually, but for some reason he chooses not to do this. I do not wish to get into a kerfuffle on the subject, because all it will do is make me want THE DELICIOUSNESS I MUST HAVE IT NOW OH GOD HOW CAN I BEAR THE DEPRIVATION MUST EAT GIMME NOM NOM NOM NOM.


Yeah, it’s that good. The key to its extreme wonderfulness is that every single one of the raspberries is at the height of ripe, succulent, aromatic, full-flavored, tongue-tingly perfection. That, and that it’s pretty much impossible to botch preparing this thing. You don’t need to heat it. Just defrost and consume.

The best. Really.


  1. I bought this for my bunco group tonight. I hope they enjoy it like you guys do! Thanks Karen

  2. Please check back in and let us know what the reaction was!

  3. it has been discontinued according to my local Trader Joes. I'm going crazy trying to find it or find out why they would discontinue such a yummy thing.

  4. If you find it please post where you found it!

  5. Found in Connecticut in November 2016

  6. PLEEEEEESE bring this back. It was the item that dragged me back into your store whereupon i would also pick up your croissants, manchego, and many other items that I would have bought from Whole Foods. Now that you have replaced this tart with a horrible substitute which bears no resemblance to the original, I don't need to ever visit you store again.