Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Trader Joe's Wild Boreal Blueberries

I don't think I've ever purchased frozen blueberries before. I like blueberries just fine, but mostly in a berry mix, not by themselves.

These are surprisingly small--one might even say tiny. But they're very flavorful and sweet, with essentially no tartness.

What I liked least was the large amount of ice they're packed with, which makes for a watery bowl of berries when thawed. This is unlike any other TJ's frozen fruit I've had before.

See Trader Joe's own description of this product here. See how it did in a comparison taste test with other brands of frozen blueberries here.

Will I buy it again? 

Probably not. It's back to berry medleys instead.


  1. The ice is unusual, i buy these all the time for smoothies and never have that problem.
    But i don't think they're ideal for eating as a snack; i like the frozen raspberries or mangos for that (i can't deal with frozen strawberries, i only like fresh strawberries as a snack)

  2. I would not buy these. We have at least a dozen blueberry bushes in our yard.

  3. I buy these all the time and eat them every day. They're fantastic in smoothies!

  4. These are wonderful. We buy them frequently, but then, we eat them frequently. So, to say they did not last long in the freezer is a good thing in my opinion. And blueberries are excellent for health. These are by far the best bang for the buck.