Thursday, November 24, 2016

Trader Joe's Antibacterial Hand Soap Fresh Linen Scent With Aloe, Vitamin E & Rosemary Extract

I encountered this at a friend's house, and so got a chance to try it without buying it myself.

The fact is that I would never have purchased it, because of one word in the name of the product: Antibacterial. I'm reasonably well convinced that adding antibacterial chemicals to soaps and household cleaners is not beneficial, and may well do more harm than good. See, e.g., this from Wikipedia, and this from Consumer Reports.

But there's another reason I would not want to use this particular soap: It's the strongest-smelling of any of the liquid hand soaps I've tried from Trader Joe's. I'm not a fan of having artificial scents bombard my nose from soaps and detergents. What's wrong with just having things be clean? Why do they have to smell like something they're not?

I have a hard time describing the scent of this soap. It's pleasant, but on the verge of being overwhelming in intensity. Nothing about it reminds me of "linen," so I don't know what that reference in the product name is about.

One point in its favor: It comes in the prettiest soap dispenser I've seen from TJ's. But that's hardly enough to make me want to buy it.

Will I buy it again? 


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