Saturday, November 19, 2016

Trader Joe's Salted Popped Potato Chips

I had never noticed these on the TJ's shelves until a trip a few days ago, when I saw several different variations on the same theme. I picked this one, "salted," as it appeared to be the most basic, with the idea that I would check out the others if I liked it.

I did.

What are they like? Imagine the taste of a Pringles potato chip, but textured to be air-puffed. That's about what you've got here.

Nina and I were eating them with some powerful hummus (Thai Coconut Curry from Roots). I thought it made for a good combination, though this particular hummus is extreme thick and stiff-textured, and the chips were a bit too delicate to scoop through it.

Ingredients: Potato flakes; potato starch; sunflower, safflower, and/or canola oil; rice flour; salt. Vegan friendly, gluten-free. $1.99 for 3.25 oz.

Will I buy it again? 

Sure. I don't think it will become a favorite or staple, but they're plenty good to have as something a little different once in a while. And now I have to work my way through the other varieties.

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  1. They're basically exactly the same as Popchips, just a lot cheaper at TJs. Great for muchy crunchy snack that isn't as bad for you as chips. Just don't use with wet dips like salsa, they sog quickly. The kettle popped version with chia seeds is awesome, like kettle corn!