Monday, November 7, 2016

Trader Joe's Multi-Purpose Cleaner

I tried using this for three things:

1. As a glass cleaner (specifically, my bathroom mirror).

2. As a lens cleaner (my glasses).

3. To de-smudge the touch-sensitive surfaces of my smart phone and tablet.

In all three cases, it committed an unforgivable sin: It left a film behind, which I then had to remove with another glass cleaner. I suspect this is to be blamed on the "essential oils" that the label boasts about. Oils do not make for good cleaning of surfaces that need maximal transparency.

Maybe it works great as a general kitchen and/or bathroom cleaner. I don't know; I didn't try it that way. But for glass and clear plastics, it's an utter failure. Having to use a second cleaner to remove what the first cleaner left behind is as inefficient and counterproductive as just about anything I can imagine.

And, mind you, this wasn't a one-time, casual observation. I was so baffled by it at first that I kept trying it, again and again, and only became convinced that I wasn't imagining things after at least five tries on the glasses and tablets. The mirror came after those, when I was already pretty confident about what was going on. When I had to re-do that, I was done and gave up on the stuff forever.

I had probably used only about 5% of the bottle, and the rest went back to the store for a refund to an unhappy customer.

Will I buy it again? 


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