Friday, March 16, 2018

Trader Joe's Mini Basque Cheese

It's been a pretty dismal week of product trials here on the blog, with four out of four no votes. So let's end the week on a high note, shall we?

I balked a bit before buying this, after seeing the price. It's one of the most expensive cheeses I've ever bought. But holy cow (or, I suppose, holy sheep, given the source of the milk from which this is made) is it ever worth it. It is simply one of the finest cheeses I've ever eaten. Absolutely delicious.

I again have the problem of lacking the vocabulary to describe exactly what I'm tasting here, because it's quite different from any other cheese I can remember. But it's so rich in flavor that a paper-thin slice on a cracker is just as good as a block of it--and its texture is so perfect that it's easy to get such a thin slice, with no crumbling. The fact that a little goes a long way helps to compensate for the dollars-per-pound factor.

Will I buy it again? 

Absolutely. It's so good that I'm adding it to my Top Ten list. Nina agrees with me that it belongs there.


  1. I liked this pretty well, but not as much as the goat milk gouda, which is similar in consistency, so I doubt I will pay the extra $3 a pound again for it.

  2. I love them both. And will continue to support both!