Tuesday, March 27, 2018

Trader Joe's Carolina Gold Barbeque Sauce

I've had this bottle sitting around unopened for over a year. I almost never use barbecue sauce and didn't really feel like finding a recipe in which it would be needed. But then I brought home a new MorningStar fake-meat product, this one a pulled "pork." No sauce included. This gave me an obvious opportunity to crack open the TJ's.

It's fine, though not distinctive. It's straight down the middle in terms of overall flavor, sweetness, heat, etc. It's just what I would expect from a grocery-store BBQ sauce, really. I definitely liked it better than the only other TJ's barbecue sauce I've tried, which was way too sweet.

Will I buy it again? 

Undecided. Now that I've found a product that I like that calls for BBQ sauce, I'll try some more of TJ's offerings in the category and see which I like best.


  1. Well if trader joe’s ever gets the refridgerated chickenless strips back those are great with some bbq sauce (in the meantime while not at TJs the Beyond Meat chickenless strips are very good).
    I also love to roast veggies, then at the end add some bbq sauce and put back in the oven another 10min or so, then the bbq sauce gets carmelized and sticks well. Great for little potatoes or cauliflower.
    Oh! You could be brave and get the can of jackfruit from TJs and use the pulled jackfruit and sauce as a sandwich- the jackfruit doesn’t taste like much.

    1. I've had the jackfruit can since it was first released, but haven't opened it yet.