Saturday, September 13, 2014

In the news

Once in a while, I hit Google News to see what, if anything, media outlets are writing about Trader Joe's. Most of the news items are about store openings, which are not very interesting. But when I find something more worthwhile than that, I'll pass it on.

Here's what I found today:

Trader Joe's 23 year Speyside single malt review 

(I had no idea that TJ's had its own brand of Scotch whiskey!)

9 realistic and borderline frugal ways to save money at Trader Joe's 

Woman reportedly attempts suicide in Trader Joe's 

10 things you didn't know you could buy at Trader Joe's 

(May I just rant here for a moment? I HATE headlines like that! How can they possibly be aware of what I know or do not know? Call it "10 interesting things you can buy at Trader Joe's," or "10 things many people don't know you can buy at Trader Joe's," or "10 Trader Joe's items that may surprise you," or whatever. But do not presume to tell me what I do or do not already know. Thankyouverymuch.)

Links in some of the above pieces led me to other older articles of possible interest:

Best and worst products at Trader Joe's, volume 1 

Best and worst products at Trader Joe's, volume 2 

10 must haves from Trader Joe's 

The best and worst deals at Trader Joe's 

Worst things to buy at Trader Joe's 

10 of the best snacks at Trader Joe's 

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