Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Some links

I just discovered another whole blog devoted to reviews of Trader Joe's products: "Eating at Joe's." It has been going since July, 2011. I'm more than a little puzzled how I managed not to know of its existence before now. Somebody on Twitter mentioned a TJ's product I had not heard of, so I Googled the name to get some other opinions before deciding whether I should try it, and a post from this blog came up. The thing is, I've done essentially the same thing a dozen or more times before, and I never came across it. Anyway, after reading a tiny sample of posts, the author seems smart and funny.

Plus: He picks up some really unusual items, frequently ones that I've never noticed at TJ's. His reviews are long, detailed, creative, and often include his own original recipe or serving suggestion.

Minus: The guy seriously needs a good copy editor to rid the posts of their gobs of typos, and especially to teach him the difference between its and it's, which he gets wrong Every. Damn. Time. So annoying.

Go take a look.

Now, a few other articles--some new, some old--that I've found recently:

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