Sunday, September 28, 2014


Most days, I take a quick scan or two through the #TraderJoes hashtag on Twitter to see what people are saying. Doing so leads me to some interesting items I haven't heard of before, to relevant articles and news stories, to reviews of individual products, etc.

But the last few days, I have noticed an unmistakable theme to the photographs that people are posting. See if you can detect what it is. It's pretty subtle, so you'll have to pay careful attention.

Well, I can hardly let myself be outdone by a bunch of people who don't even have their own internationally read* Trader Joe's blog, now, can I?

Here's my own pumpkin haul so far:

This leaves out the pumpkin ravioli, which has already been consumed. It also leaves out the pumpkin rolls (a variant on TJ's Jumbo Cinnamon Rolls, apparently) that I plan to get, but which were out of stock yesterday. Furthermore, I intend to try the "Harvest Blend" bagged salad shown in one of the pictures above. Finally, I told Nina yesterday that I had seen a slot in the refrigerated shelves for rolls of pumpkin croissant dough, and from her appalled reaction, I knew instantly that I must obtain and bake some for her, just to provoke her into writing an indignant review about how croissants should not contain pumpkin.

*Blogger reports that I have had a grand total of FIFTEEN page views from outside the US. Admittedly, the six from the UK were probably my own from when I was traveling there recently. But still--that leaves two from Canada, three from France, and four from Germany. Ha! Thus, this blog is indeed internationally read.

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