Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Trader Joe's dried cherries

Trader Joe's sells two different kinds of dried cherries. It seems logical and convenient to review them together.

I already had a bag of the Bing cherries in my cupboard, yet unopened, when my friend Dan in Minnesota emailed me with a tip to try the Montmorency cherries, which I had never even heard of before. So of course I did.

He was right: they're far superior to the Bing cherries. In fact, the Bings taste to me more like prunes than cherries. The Montmorencys (I stumble on the correct way to make that word a plural) are simultaneously more cherryful (it's a word because I say that it is), tarter, and sweeter than the Bings. There's just no comparison. I'm about halfway through both bags, but the only way I can make myself continue eating the Bing is to reward myself afterward with an equal portion of Montmorency.

Yes, the Montmorency have added sugar and the Bing do not, so it's not a fair comparison. But it's a lot of difference in flavor and not a lot of sugar.

Will I buy it again? 

Montmorency yes, Bing no.


  1. Montmorency cherries were also the basis of your recent pie. Now if only TJ's would stock fresh ones too...

  2. Dan from Hopkins (in Minnesota) here, delighted to hear you listened and concurred!

    Now add them to your oatmeal.

  3. I bought the Montmorency cherries earlier this week on a whim. I concur in your judgment.