Sunday, June 19, 2016

Trader Joe's Shooting Stars

I've temporarily exhausted all the new mango products I could stand to buy at once. However, we've still got a couple of brand-new non-mango products to talk about, so this is an incredible Day 22 of new products. 

I liked the flavor of the basic cookie, and the ratio of cookie to chocolate coating.

What I did not like was the thing that makes this such an unusual product: the "popping" candy crunchies. With the Fireworks Chocolate Bar, all the popping takes place safely inside your mouth, where it produces a fun, tingly sensation. But here, the popping things are on the outside, and they're highly prone (as the box itself warns) to going off at random times. Little bits of the candy get exploded at your face, and it actually stings. This is neither fun nor tingly. It's just plain irritating.

Will I buy it again? 



  1. This is like a Monty Python skit come to life.
    "Crunchy Frog" episode:

  2. Yes. Trader Joe's should have called this "Spring Special."

  3. They tasted great the first time you open the box. But they went soft very fast and the Pop Rocks got gummy. What degree will not buy again.