Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Trader Joe's Mango Taffy

This is Day Ten of an extended New Products Week. 

If you've stepped inside a Trader Joe's store in the last week or so, you probably noticed that it looks like there was an explosion in a mango warehouse. It's MANGOPALOOZA! All mango, all the time! They have introduced a profusion of brand-new mango-flavored products. I brought home six of them, but left several more behind for another day. I'll do my best to review them as quickly as I can. But I'm without my trusty sidekick in this endeavor; Nina does not like mangoes, or mango-flavored things.

This is a brand-new product. There is nothing about it on Trader Joe's web page yet. Price is a mere 99 cents.

I love the flavor of these. It's rich and strong, far more flavorful than I remember TJ's Salt Water Taffy being.

However, the texture is off. They're tough-chewy, not soft-chewy. I bought them on one of the first days they were available, and was eating them within an hour of getting them home, so they were as fresh as possible, yet the toughness felt like they had been sitting on the shelf for too many months.

Will I buy it again? 

No. It was a nice one-time experiment, but that's all.

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