Tuesday, October 11, 2016

ZPasta Fall Zucchette Pasta

This is Day Three of New Products Week. 

I didn't even notice that this wasn't a Trader Joe's-branded item until we were nearly done with dinner. Everything about it looks like it could and should be, except for "ZPasta" where it would say "Trader Joe's." If it sells well, maybe that's what will happen next year.

This is a novelty item only. I mean, it's perfectly edible as pasta, but don't expect anything different about it in terms of taste. It tastes like any other pasta. The fact that it's orange-ish and shaped like little pumpkins is cute, but immaterial to anything except a bit of whimsy in your meal. Yes, there's a touch of butternut squash in it, but you'd never know it from the eating.

Because the little pumpkins are thick-walled, this stuff takes forever to cook. Be warned, and plan accordingly.

Will I buy it again? 


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