Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Trader Joe's Tiramisu Torte

This time I'm using a Trader Joe's photo instead of one of my own because I didn't buy this product. The people in my little 4-unit apartment building had a potluck dinner party last week because I was moving out, and one of my neighbors brought this for our dessert.

Nina immediately predicted that I wouldn't like it because I don't like coffee. This was a perfectly sensible projection from a true fact. But it proved to be wrong. I did like this, though I would have liked it even better if the coffee flavor had been absent. As it was, it was mild enough that I could pretty much ignore it and enjoy the chocolate, cocoa, and cream.

Will I buy it again? 

Probably not for myself, but it seems universally liked, so I might well take it to a gathering of people like last week's.


  1. You're not moving somewhere that does not have a Trader Joe's, are you?

  2. How sweet your neighbors had a little party! I dont even know what most of my neighbors in my building look like.....
    hope the move went smoothly! I don't like tiramisu at all yet love coffee so i'll pass on this one.
    The coffee ice cream mud pie dessert was at a friend's bbq last weekend and that's fantastic but definitely coffee flavored.