Thursday, August 7, 2014

Cheap wine

I know very close to absolutely nothing about wine, so this article about why Trader Joe's famous "Two Buck Chuck" is so cheap might be as full of rubbish as the author says the wine is, and I wouldn't know it. Still, it's an interesting view of the situation:

Addendum, August 8, 2014 

I just saw this on Snopes:


  1. Yeah, I read that. It had the flavor of Serious Axe Grindage. I'd like to know whether 1) other large-scale wine-making practices are all that different; and 2) whether hand-harvesting by seasonal migrant workers paid crappy wages with lousy working conditions is more desirable; and 3) whether the resulting product is measurably less healthful than wine produced some other way.

  2. Serious Axe Grindage--you mean, sour grapes?