Monday, August 4, 2014

Trader Joe's Whole Wheat Hamburger Buns

Last week I posted a photo of a nearly all-TJ's dinner. It's time to talk about the several items we tried that night.

I'm starting easy: the hamburger buns. Frankly, I can't taste much difference between one whole-wheat bun and the next, so my preferences are based on other characteristics, such as size and texture. On those counts, these are winners. They're a little bigger in diameter than most brands, so the patty doesn't hang over the edges, and they're substantially thicker.

You know how with some buns by the time you get toward the end of the burger, what's left of the bun has been reduced to a squished, soggy, unrecognizable, unappetizing mess? Yeah, I hate that. These are much more resistant to that unfortunate end than any other brand I can remember. They hold up.

Not only did I like these, but I liked them so much that it's now going to be hard to persuade me that any competitors are worth trying.

I can't make them a Top Ten item, because, y'know, they're hamburger buns--there's an upper limit to how good they can be. But they are excellen at being what they are. (Is that tautological? Oh well.)

Caveat: TJ's web site says that their bread products are made regionally, and so will not be consistent across the country. This is a rare instance where what you see in your local store may be substantially different than what I'm getting.

Will I buy it again? 

As they say in Minnesota, "Oh, you betcha!"

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