Monday, August 25, 2014

Trader Joe's Cold Pressed Juice--Green

With this post, I'm starting the reviews of the items from the second nearly-all-Trader-Joe's dinner I prepared for Nina after having started this blog.

I nearly always have some sort of juice alongside a tall glass of water with our dinners. I try to find a different one every week, though it's getting harder and harder to find ones we haven't tried after more than a year of this practice. In that time, we've had at least half a dozen different green juices, boasting how healthful they are. And maybe that's true. But for the most part, they taste like lawn clippings that got thrown in a blender.

This was in that same general category, though I'll admit that the apple, lemon, and ginger blunted the impact of the kale and spinach more than has been the case with most of the other green juices, which I have often struggled to finish. (The only thing that kept me going through a couple of the worst offenders was a thought along the lines of, "This stuff had damn well better cure any cancer cells I have growing in me.")

So I'd call it the best--or maybe "least bad"--of a pretty bad bunch. But I don't want to have it again. I especially don't want to pay $4.99 for a little bottle of it.

Will I buy it again? 

Not unless they promise me that it prevents 100% of cancers, and even then they'd have to drop the price.

Nina's View

As you might imagine, what with me being a vegetable-oriented kind of person, I'm more likely to favor this sort of beverage than Bob. But, by and large, the ones we tried previously definitely fell into "lawn clipping" territory (and I honestly don't remember which of us came up with that description first). I own a juicer, and I've made heavily green juice blends myself—every single one of which I've enjoyed more than store-bought varieties.

Even this store-bought variety, although I actually found this one palatable enough to be refreshing. But at five bucks a bottle?

Uh. No.

Next post: Italian Sausage-less Sausage 

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