Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Trader Joe's Lemon Ginger Echinacea

Before getting to how this stuff tastes, let me first address a beef I have about the labeling. Note that prominent on the front label is the claim, "100% JUICE." But after I got home and looked at the back of the label, I found that the list of ingredients includes, first, water for reconstituting the concentrates, then, second, "ginger root tea." Tea is not juice. If this blend contains tea--which is not juice--then it cannot be "100% juice." That is especially so if the tea--which, I remind you, is not juice--is the second most voluminous ingredient.

OK, so we know that Trader Joe's is willing to lie about what's in it. How does it taste? Like a lot of ginger--enough to burn as it goes down--and some bad lemon. By "bad" lemon, I mean very artificial-tasting.

The label tells me that after the tea, the next ingredients are apple and grape juice. I can't detect them, except as generic sweetness. Echinacea is the last ingredient listed. I can't taste it, or the honey, or anything else said to be in the mix.

The overall effect is certainly different from any other TJ's juice I've had so far, but not pleasant. I'm having my third glass of it as I write this, and it's still feeling like kind of a chore to finish it. I suspect that much of what remains will end up going down the drain, rather than into my stomach. It's not good.

Will I buy it again? 

Not a chance.


  1. As far as "healthy" TJ's juice mix/combinations, I have tried and liked the Dynamo as well as the Green Plant Juice (I think that is what it's called). Slight preference going to the Dynamo.

  2. Crazy in love with this! Its definitely for true ginger fans. If you love ginger then you will love this. I drink it year round not just when I have a cold.

  3. Love this drink! Definitely only for true ginger lovers. I drink it year round not just winter..great for digestion also!