Thursday, May 12, 2016

Trader Joe's 100% Cranberry Juice Not From Concentrate

Nina and I often differ widely in our opinions of various Trader Joe's products. But in one category, we have had considerable accord: juices. Specifically, most of the juice blends in the big jugs have been pretty dismal. Conversely, TJ's single-ingredient pure juices have almost all been outstanding.

This one continues that trend. 100% cranberry juice is not for everyone. There are no sweeteners here to soften the blow, no raspberry or grape or apple to meld harmoniously with the tart cran. Nope. Drinking this is like taking a shot of whiskey, or chugging a cup of strong, black coffee--it'll wake you up and grow hair on your chest.

This is absolutely the real deal, with only one item on the list of ingredients: juice from whole cranberries. It's not even reconstituted from concentrate, though they do pasteurize it so that you don't come down with, I dunno, brucellosis or something and sue them.

I like this stuff. It's not something I'd want to have every day, but once in a while as a break from the milder, sweeter things, it's refreshingly bracing, like the cold slap in the face of those old Mennen commercials.

Thanks. I needed that.

Will I buy it again? 

Yes. Good stuff.

Nina's View

Pour a glass. Admire the deep ruby hue. And then brace yourself. 

I believe the first word out of my mouth after I sipped this was "Yowza!" It is not kid stuff. Bob is right to compare it to a shot of liquor—it's that intense. You will not want to glug this stuff. You'll sip it, catch your breath, and sip it again.

You might also chose to use it to blend with other juices, or in cocktails, or even in a sauce reduction.

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