Monday, May 2, 2016

Trader Joe's Vegetable Melange In Seasoned Butter Sauce

There's nothing Trader-Joe's-y about this. That is, there's nothing that makes you go, "Wow, who ever would have thought of that?!" It's just peas, carrots, corn, and cauliflower in a tiny bit of butter and seasoning. You could probably find an equivalent product in any grocery store freezer aisle. It serves its purpose, but then is immediately forgotten.

Will I buy it again? 

Sure. Everybody needs some boring vegetables once in a while.

Nina's View

Snooze. When it's all just too too much to be bothered to cook some fresh vegetables, these will do.

1 comment:

  1. The one time i bought this i agree that prepared as is for a side dish this would be why people "don't like vegetables". I liked it better when added to an otherwise plain tomato soup. But not enough to buy again.