Thursday, May 19, 2016

Trader Joe's Organic Mayonnaise

The only thing for which I use mayonnaise (or mayonnaise-like condiments, to be more precise) is tuna salad for sandwiches. My strong preference, since childhood, has been Kraft Miracle Whip--a statement that will make mayonnaise purists shudder in revulsion, I'm sure. But that's my truth.

How does this compare? Horribly. The texture is fine, but there is almost no flavor. There is certainly no zest, no tanginess, no sweetness.

I used it only once. It was so unacceptable that I knew instantly that I could not and would not power my way through the rest of the jar, and took it back to the store for a refund.

Colossal fail.

Will I buy it again? 



I invited Nina to add her own comments, as I always do when we have both tried a product. She said she doesn't remember this one.

Well, I remember her trying it. We were having fake-meat burgers. She always likes mayo on hers. So I opened this new jar for her. She stuck the tip of her knife into the jar, tasted a bit of the mayonnaise, put the lid back on the jar, and said, "No." She then went to the refrigerator, where I keep a jar of Hellmann's for her. While spreading that on her burger, she explained that the Trader Joe's was, by comparison, completely lacking in any desirable characteristics--and, incidentally, that the world would be better off if nobody but Hellmann's made mayonnaise.

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