Sunday, September 18, 2016

Trader Joe's Pumpernickel Pretzel Sticks

Had you asked me, before I bit into one of these odd pretzels, whether I had ever tasted pumpernickel before, I would have said no. But with the first bite, I was flooded with memory recognition of that flavor--so strong that I'm sure I have had pumpernickel at some point in my life, and did not like it.

I ate about five of these, hoping that my initial dislike would fade and I would warm up to them. It has happened with other things, though admittedly not often.

It did not work. I could not like them--primarily because I don't like pumpernickel, as I am now forcefully reminded.

Nina, on the other hand does like pumpernickel. So, did she like them? Stay tuned.

Will I buy it again? 

Nope. It went back to the store for a refund.


  1. ?!?
    These pretzel sticks have been on my own " top ten" for more than a decade..!
    Of course i love the flavor of pumpernickle and these are intense. Great dipped in some grainy mustard, nut butter, or with carrot sticks

  2. I dip mine in nut butter or honey.