Sunday, September 4, 2016

Trader Joe's Woven Wheats Wafers

We've done two reports on the reduced-fat version of this product, here and here. When I wrote those posts, I had never seen a regular (i.e., non-reduced-fat) version, and wasn't even sure it existed. A commenter noted that the regular version was all they carried in his Trader Joe's; he couldn't get the reduced-fat ones. Inspired by that knowledge, I kept looking for the regular kind on my trips to the store, and one day, out of nowhere, there they were!

I had on hand a box of regular Triscuits, which the TJ's crackers are obviously meant to replicate, so it was easy to do a direct comparison.

The result was clear, though not as stark as the difference in the reduced-fat versions was. I liked Triscuits better. They had better overall wheat flavor and were a little saltier. But I only noticed these differences when tasting them alone, with nothing on them. When a slice of tasty cheese was applied, I stopped being able to tell any difference. So the TJ's are a pretty good imitation, falling just a little short of the original.

Will I buy it again? 

Not unless a national shortage of Triscuits breaks out.

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