Thursday, October 1, 2015

Trader Joe's Habanero Lime Flour Tortillas

We have arrived at Day 5 of Mexican Week. 

I didn't even know that peppered tortillas were a thing until I spotted these sitting next to my favorite tortillas, TJ's hand-made. They sure are pretty. Why not give 'em a try?

One of my favorite main courses to make for myself is tostadas, with refried beans and Soy Chorizo on a tortilla, usually topped with some combination of shredded cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, and shredded lettuce, depending on what I have on hand. When I made some of those with these tortillas, I really didn't notice any difference from using plain flour tortillas. I concluded that the labeling of them as "medium hot" was an exaggeration.

But then I tried tearing off a piece of the tortilla and eating it alone, and I changed my mind. At first, there was no heat at all. After swallowing, however, there arose a distinct burning sensation--strangely without any specific flavor, though. It was strong enough that I decided that "medium hot" was pretty accurate after all. The heat had simply been disguised by the mighty power of the Soy Chorizo previously.

However, even tasting a piece of tortilla all by itself, I detected no lime flavor. I tried to imagine its presence, almost willing it to be there, but failed.

Will I buy it again? 

I don't think so. They're not as thick or tasty as the handmades, and I don't need any flavorless heat added to what I'm making.

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