Sunday, July 17, 2016

Trader Joe's Barbeque Popped Potato Chips

Nina is a mighty strong woman. But she does have a few weaknesses, and I've known her long enough to be aware of what they are. Number one on the list? Barbecue potato chips. She will eat them compulsively, until her stomach ruptures open like that iconic scene from "Alien." You think I exaggerate, but I HAVE SEEN IT HAPPEN! Oh, if you could see the abdominal scars from where the doctors have had to suture her stomach closed again and again, it would make you turn your eyes away in horror.

So the other day when I saw somebody on Twitter ecstatic about their discovery of this product, which I had not noticed previously, I thought I should get some to feed to Nina. Y'know, to make her love me more. Fortunately, the bag is small enough that there was little risk of needing to interrupt dinner for a trip to the ER.

I liked them. They're better than typical BBQ potato chips for two reasons. First, the seasoning is milder, less in-your-face than I remember from other products. Second, the underlying puffed/popped chip is nicer, more delicate and airy. That said, BBQ potato chips are not really my thing. I would choose plain potato chips over them nearly every time. But if I got a hankering for BBQ chips, these would be my first choice.

Will I buy it again? 

Probably not for myself, but I might slip a bag into a Christmas or birthday gift box for a certain someone I know.

Nina's View


What was that sound, you ask? That was the sound of this tasty, tasty snack breaking the sound barrier as it rockets to the top of my TOP TEN list. 

By coincidence, the host at a poker game I attend irregularly had introduced me to a snack chip (the exact name and maker of which I cannot remember at this moment, but he buys huge bags of them at Walmart) that looks and tastes exactly the same as these. I adore them and I eat them to the point of… well, let's just say it's a tad embarrassing. The others mock me. As I deserve. 

Anyway, my point is: these are the same. THE SAME. IDENTICAL. Clonishly alike. 

Where was I? Oh yes: buy them. Eat them.

Thank god the bag is small.

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  1. How funny these are such an obsession for nina! I often buy the regular ones with salt but obviously now i will have to try the bbq flavor. Apparently it has been on shelves for years!