Sunday, July 24, 2016

Trader Joe's Roasted Potatoes With Roasted Peppers & Onions

Potatoes fine. Peppers fine. Onions icky. But you already knew that.

Will I buy it again? 

Well, I didn't actually buy it in the first place. Nina did. I'm unlikely ever to buy something with "onions" in the name of the product. So I'll let Nina tell you whether she'll buy it again.

Nina's View

This is food for the incredibly lazy, since roasting potatoes and veggies is pretty basic and easy. Cut, coat in oil, put in oven, done.

That said: I prepared these in a segregated fashion on the cookie sheet so that Bob's delicate sensibilities would not be assaulted by the onion. Trust me when I tell you that the entire flavor quotient of this offering is contained in the pepper & onion contingent. The result was much better when blended on my plate.

I'm not buying it again because PLEASE, I AM NOT TOO LAZY TO CUT UP A POTATO, A BELL PEPPER, AND AN ONION. You can easily do it while the oven preheats. SRSLY.

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