Saturday, April 11, 2015


This week's compilation of news stories and other tidbits related to Trader Joe's:

Trader Joe's versus Whole Foods for ease of shopping by the disabled 

Four Trader Joe's easy-to-make food mashups (video) 

Composer writes songs based on Trader Joe's product descriptions 

Best and worst products at Trader Joe's, volume 5 

Favorite vegan products from Trader Joe's 

My favorites from Trader Joe's 

"Trader Joe" answers your burning questions (video) 

How to get Trader Joe's to send you a gift card 

11 facts you probably didn't know about Trader Joe's 

A Trader Joe's meal plan 

Taste test of 16 wines from Trader Joe's 

This link goes to a podcast called "Not Another Podcast." Find Episode #44. From about 41:00 to 51:00 they sample and comment on four different TJ's snack foods, and from 1:09:00 to 1:20:00 they risk life and limb to navigate a Trader Joe's parking lot.

The Trader Joe's Tweet of the Week (which may or may not become a regular feature here) comes from my own part of the world, Asheville, North Carolina, and it speaks absolute truth:

The link takes you to this irrefutable photographic evidence:

(Actually, I'm pretty well convinced that just to live in Asheville requires owning a Subaru, and that the authorities will be coming any day to arrest me for noncompliance.)

And finally, this week's picture of a cute cat in a Trader Joe's grocery bag comes from a YouTube video by Paula Poundstone:

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  1. I've been saying for years now that the Subaru is the Official Car of the Democratic Party. I've been watching, and I've never seen a bumper sticker on a Subaru that wasn't left-leaning.