Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Trader Joe's Brioche Toasts

This was the latest in my ongoing series of "pick something new from the cracker section." Trader Joe's has so many, one can despair of ever trying them all--but that's OK.

I did realize from the picture on the box that these looked like nothing more than miniature pieces of dry toast. But "hope springs eternal from within the human breast," so I optimistically thought there would be something more to them.

There wasn't. Well, they're a little sweeter than typical toasted white bread. But other than that, just toast your own bread instead of buying these. Because I can almost guarantee that if you buy them, you'll end up wondering why you did.

Will I buy it again? 

Not as long as I own a toaster.

Nina's View

Remember the Melba Toasts

Well, these are the supersized melba toasts: but only the sizeand neither the flavor or likeability—has grown. The only thing even vaguely distinctive about them is the sweetness which is indeed typical of brioche. 

I suppose if you were making appetizers and you wanted to simulate little-itty-bitty cute sandwiches, these might work. But frankly that's the only possible excuse for them.


  1. Oh, boy, funniest TJ blog ever - chips, chips, chips and more chips - don't you ever eat real food? What about soups, yogurts, smoked herring, cheeses, coffees, wines, beers, breads, pastas, olive oil, vinegars, cheese blintzes and potato latkes?

    The brioche toasts are strictly for DUNKING in your morning coffee or tea - photo is misleading - eaten that way, they suck, dunked in warm liquid - delicious. Unlike Some Enchanted Cracker - hard, tasteless with an aroma of staleness - utterly inedible. Still can't find a good cracker at TJ.

    Been going to the Vegas TJ since 1998 - don't feel compelled to try everything - I know what I might like. Never had a microwave - anything microwaved tastes like old socks. Ugh.

    TJ is just a good grocery store, nothing more. But I do enjoy this blog - everything you review is totally alien to me - we shop at the same store?

    Writing this while dunking my brioche toast in my Irish Breakfast Tea... heavenly afternoon snack...

  2. Hello, long-lost Elizabeth!

    Let's see. Soups we've done 7 so far, and more are in the queue waiting to be published. (Posts are written and scheduled through September 17 right now. But I refuse to publish more than one review a day.) I don't eat yogurt. Nina has had several TJ's yogurts and I've tried to nudge her to write about them, but that's all I can do. I don't drink coffee, wine, or beer, so there are big swaths of the merchandise that I'll never touch. Same with tea, too, though you didn't ask. There are 7 bread reviews already posted, and another handful waiting in the wings. 5 on pasta have been published, with a couple more written and waiting. Olive oil I use only when a recipe specifically calls for it, and they're all the same to me. (I realize that saying that reduces my already tarnished image in your eyes, but it's the truth.) Same with vinegar. Don't think I've ever had a cheese blintz or a potato latke.

    I make no claim that this blog covers a representative sample of TJ's wares. It covers what I am interested in trying--and to a lesser extent what Nina is interested in trying. But if you've been reading along, you've probably picked up on the fact that even the limited range of things I've tried is already a vast expansion on the way I used to eat.

    Both the "What's Good at Trader Joe's" and "Eat at Joe's" blogs are better at sampling a broad range of TJ's offerings. Give those guys a try. But I'll always be happy to have you back peeking in at my pathetic little blog if you can stand my quirks and foibles.

  3. Oh, and you're going to think the next two posts were put in just to annoy you, but they weren't! :-)

  4. More effing chips??? How many are there? I've been visiting What's Good At TJ blog for years - they actually like food.

  5. LOL, What's Good at Trader Joe's is a fun blog but the amount of cookie butter posts is insane. This blog actually reviews salads! Frozen veggies! REAL food! Honestly really surprised the other commenter sees both blogs in the opposite way I do.