Monday, April 6, 2015

Trader Joe's Grapeseed Oil

Maybe a year ago, Nina convinced me that I should use grapeseed oil instead of canola oil as my main cooking oil because it can be raised to a higher temperature without smoking. I bought a bottle of Pompeian brand at my local supermarket, and have had no problems with it.

Some time later, I noticed that Trader Joe's had its own private-label grapeseed oil, so I bought that. For a few months now, I've been alternating between the two products when I need to brown meat or a meat substitute product, stir-fry vegetables, or whatever. I can't tell any difference between them.

So it comes down to price. The Pompeian is $6.98 for 24 ounces, or 29 cents per ounce. TJ's is $3.79 for 17 ounces, or 22 cents per ounce. Winner: Trader Joe's.

Will I buy it again? 

Yes. Until somebody gives me a good reason to use something else, this will be the cooking oil I turn to first from now on.

Nina's View

It's worth noting that there are probably also some nutritional arguments for preferring grapeseed oil to canola oil as well, although at higher temperatures they probably evaporate. So to speak.

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