Thursday, November 26, 2015

Trader Joe's Turkey Pot Pie

Happy Thanksgiving!

I noticed this item in the refrigerated case in mid-October while looking for something else. I had never noticed or heard of it before. Maybe it's available only seasonally--I don't know. But since I only rarely buy products that contain turkey, I thought it would make a good blog post for Thanksgiving Day.

Now I kinda wish I were back to my days of ignorance of this item--because it's really, really good. Big chunks of turkey breast, flaky crust that browns beautifully in exactly the specified time, cornbread stuffing (the only kind worth eating), some veggies (onions present, but muted enough that they can be ignored). And, not noted in the product description on the cover, cranberries, which add a perfect amount of fruity tartness.

Officially this makes 2 1/2 servings. Unofficially, I ate half of it, and could have gobbled down the second half, in spite of having had some applesauce, broccoli, and potato chips with my lunch at the same time. But I realized that doing so would take me past full into the "uncomfortable waistband" zone, so I resisted the temptation, and saved the second half for the next day. Nevertheless, that's how successfully it left me wanting more.

Will I buy it again? 

Yes, dammit. TJ's has thrown another obstacle in my slow, meandering path toward true vegetarianism. If I'm lucky, I'll discover that this is available only in autumn, and I will have to resist temptation for only a small part of the year.

Update, January 7, 2016 

I had another one of these this week. It was quite different--and not nearly as good. Some of the difference is probably because I heated this one in the microwave instead of a regular oven; let me suggest that you not do that. But even accounting for that, the composition seemed different. Specifically, I found less cornbread and more onion. I suppose this is just some batch-to-batch variation, but I was not happy about it.

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