Thursday, December 8, 2016

Trader Joe's Pesto Gouda Cheese




Not even one little bit. The flavor was all pesto, no gouda. Which was, y'know, no gooda.

The texture is unbelievably rubbery. You could use wedges of this to caulk your bathtub.

The only worse cheese I've had from Trader Joe's has been the Mozzarella Cheese Sticks--but this is close to that bad. It's bad enough that it's joining my Bottom Ten list.

Will I buy it again? 

Not if it were the last cheese on earth.

Nina's View

Yeah, this isn't great. I thought I'd had it before, but I'm wondering whether it was SOME OTHER pesto cheese, because I liked (whatever it was) then. 

I'm also gradually coming to the conclusion that I just generally don't care much for gouda. Life is too short to inflict an untasty cheese upon oneself.

That said, I'm really moving away from dairy products—so bidding farewell to gouda isn't much of a hardship. (If you're going to inflict pain and suffering on a cow for your eating pleasure, it should at the very least be a real pleasure, not something you unthinkingly cram down your gullet.)

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  1. Try the smoked Gouda slices, sometime when Nina is not around.