Thursday, March 16, 2017

Trader Joe's Organic Red Lentil Sedanini

I like this. It's not quite as good as regular pasta, because the texture is a little odd. You need to cook it in as much water as you can get into the pot, or it turns out sort of gummy. There's a mild lentil flavor to it, but I find nothing objectionable about that.

Will I buy it again? 

Probably not, because I like and have no problem with regular wheat-based pasta, which is also cheaper. But I think this is important to say: This is far and away the best gluten-free pasta I've ever encountered. It's maybe 90% as good as regular pasta. If I developed celiac disease and had to avoid gluten, this would immediately become a staple, and I'd feel very little loss for having to make the change.


  1. I'm like you, we can eat regular pasta.

  2. What sauce did you use with it?

    1. I had just brought home some Mario Batali brand marinara, so I used that.

  3. What attracted this pasta to me is the protein - higher than regular pasta. It's a nice change from time to time.

  4. I was surprised by how much i liked this, although i liked it best with a loose pesto not tomato sauce. The impressive 13g protein per serving is a big plus. But leftovers did not reheat well the next day so it's a cook what you want now pasta

  5. My wife eats gluten-free so we've tried lots of different gluten-free pastas. This is our favorite so far, though it still doesn't compare to a good wheat pasta. I'd say the lentil flavor is a little more than mild, but I love lentils so that's not an issue for me. We liked this so much I made the mistake of buying the black bean rotini, which were disgusting. You want gummy? Try that shit. The sedanini look suspiciously like Rustichella d'Abruzzo, which is a really premium Italian pasta brand.

  6. I thought these were delicious for a gluten free product. I made an olive oil based sauce with sauteed garlic, spinach, olives and capers and it was a hit in my house.