Thursday, March 30, 2017

Trader Joe's Ultra Chocolate Ice Cream Super Premium

I'm used to store-brand chocolate ice creams being mediocre, despite their packages' dubious claims of being "premium." In fact, just before buying this from Trader Joe's, my previous purchase had been my first try with "Laura Lynn," which is the store brand of Ingles, the dominant supermarket chain in North Carolina. It was the typical disappointing stuff I had expected.

I thought, sadly, that TJ's would likely be pretty much the same. But I figured that I had to get it out of the way sooner or later (I've been procrastinating this purchase for a couple of years already), and might as well make it now, so I can get back to the Breyer's and Edy's that I prefer.

Well, blow me down and shiver me timbers--this stuff is actually wonderful! I like my ice cream on the softer side, and this is perfect. It's smooth and creamy, and just the right amount of chocolate. (I quibble with the moniker "ultra chocolate." It's just right, not "ultra.")

This is the equal of the best store-bought chocolate ice cream I've ever had--so good that after just two servings of it, I'm ready to declare it my new default ice cream choice. I see no need to go back to the brands I have been buying for several decades.

The ability to change a lifelong purchasing habit also means that it deserves a place in my Top Ten List (which is now up to 57 members; don't judge me).

Will I buy it again? 

Ultra Chocolate Ice Cream, I am coming for you!

Addendum, 4/19/17 

Correction to the above. It turns out that the soft consistency I liked was not an intrinsic part of this product, but rather an early sign (unknown to me at the time) that my freezer was failing. Now that I have a new one, and I can verify that it's at the proper temperature with a thermometer, this ice cream is actually quite hard, difficult to penetrate even with a great ice cream scoop. That is less than ideal, but I still like it a lot.


  1. The trader joe's ice creams labeled as "super premium " are all very thick and dense without much air whipped in and they just use ingredients that actually should be in ice cream- no weird crapola
    The coconut milk chocolate ice cream is really fantastic (seriously!), just a hint of the coconut milk flavor and super smooth and creamy texture

    1. Agreed. See review here:

    2. Yup. You can tell density from the nutritional info. A half-cup serving of TJ's vanilla is 105 or 110 g (I forget which). A half-cup of many regular ice creams is around 70-75 g. The rest is air.

  2. this must be another comment I messed up, because I thought I posted on this one......... hmmmmmmmmmm.

    my husband is the chocolate lover ice cream freak at our house. he would probably love it.

    I love pistachio.