Monday, March 27, 2017

Trader Joe's Living Butter Lettuce

I buy a lot of butter lettuce from TJ's, either by itself or in a blend with raddichio. But until last week, when I saw this new version, it never occurred to me that someday I might buy a head of it still in it own little piece of the earth.

This was a surprising find among the usual assortment of bagged, pre-made salads. After having recently also seen the hydroponically grown watercress, I wonder if this is the beginning of a whole line of food-still-in-dirt products from Trader Joe's.

Anyway, I cut the stem and cup of dirt and roots off, and chopped and washed the leaves. Then I mixed it with a bag of TJ's Spicy Spinach Blend and shredded carrots.

The result was, for me, indistinguishable from using the bagged, pre-cut, pre-washed butter lettuce. If I single out a lettuce leaf and eat it on its own, it does taste fresher and livelier. But (1) this could be a trick of the imagination, because that's what I'm expecting, and (2) since I never use it that way, I'm not sure that it matters.

Will I buy it again? 

No. It doesn't add enough value in terms of enjoyment to be worth the extra work.


  1. But it would be handy to buy bagged lettuce for the beginning of the week and then cut and eat the fresh living lettuce at the end of the week when the bagged salad is gone

  2. We don't eat much lettuce. So not worth the effort for us either.