Saturday, August 1, 2015


This is my weekly compilation of news and other links related to Trader Joe's.

The best and worst products at Trader Joe's 

Food from China? Whole Foods versus Trader Joe's 

Vegan USA--10 savory grocery finds at Trader Joe's

16 facts about Trader Joe's 

"Let's Talk TJ's" podcast, #5 

5 best and worst buys at Trader Joe's 

Recent Trader Joe's favorites 

How to improve Trader Joe's pizza dough 

Review of chocolate-bacon-ganache bar 

And another 

9 amazing new foods you need to try at Trader Joe's 

I just discovered another Trader Joe's blog--and not just an active one, but another DAILY TJ's product review blog! She is doing a different TJ's review daily for the whole year of 2015. I like her fun, casual style. Give it a look-see:

Best tweets of the week:





Here's this week's YouTube video from "Trader Joe":

Finally, here are this week's pictures of cute cats in Trader Joe's grocery bags:

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