Sunday, August 16, 2015

Trader Joe's Mediterranean Hummus

I have a problem. I've tried so many different kinds of hummus lately, both Trader Joe's offerings and others, that they're running together in my brain. I remember which ones I liked or didn't like, but little about why, or what set each one apart.

That's the case here. I remember stirring this stuff up, so as to distribute all the little extras (seen in the top photo) evenly throughout the hummus, and then trying it and liking it--but nothing about what it was that I liked about it.

Oh well--guess I'll just have to get myself some more!

Will I buy it again? 

I have to, don't you see?


I did buy it again. I do still like it, though it's not my favorite hummus. I have developed a preference for the products of an Asheville company, with a denser, stiffer, more whipped texture. This is pretty oily. It doesn't have quite enough bite for me, in terms of lemon/tanginess.

Nina's View

Not my favorite version of hummus. I like olive oil, but I do not care for olives themselves. I keep thinking maybe some day I'll change my mind about this, but we are four or five decades into the testing process and it seems unlikely.

Update [from Nina]: 

So we DID have a second edition of this recently and either 1) the add-ins have changed or 2) my sampling was skewed or 3) I am insane. I categorically reject the third alternative. 

This second time I detected no untoward olivyness. In fact, no flavoring predominated whatsoever. It just seemed to me to be a pretty much ideal basic hummus. Very edible. I would buy and serve this without hesitation, and I would expect it to be well-received by most.  

We may have to have a tie-breaker sample. 


  1. This is my wife's favorite of the TJ's hummi we've tried.

    We will not be trying that revolting basil/white bean variety.

  2. This is one i buy often, In my TJs hummus rotation calendar as a good basic.
    Nina is nuts, no olives anywhere here.