Sunday, November 9, 2014

Trader Joe's greeting cards

I recently read an article about things you didn't know you could buy at Trader Joe's. The only one in that list that really surprised me was greeting cards. It's true that I had never noticed them for sale at TJ's.

It was a good tidbit of information to tuck away in my brain, because literally the next time I was at TJ's, I realized that I needed a birthday card for my sister, and didn't really want to make another stop. And then I had the "aha!" moment of remembering what I had read.

I had to look around a little to find them. In my local store, they are displayed at the customer service window, which is sort of out of the way. But there they were--99 cents each. And they are, in fact, TJ's branded; it says so right across the back.

No, they're not the greatest cards ever, and the selection is not vast. But I found one I liked, and that was enough.

And here's a handy hint: You don't have to take them out of the clear plastic envelopes they're in to read what's inside the care (as I was doing at the store). I discovered after getting home that they have anticipated this problem; the inside wording is repeated in smaller print on the back of the card for your browsing convenience. Clever!

I promise I won't buy every card and do a separate blog post about each one. I think it's plenty to do one post just to let readers know the things exist.

Will I buy it again? 

I think it's very likely.

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